No-Code Platform Reference Guide

No-Code Platform Reference Guide

This collection of documents serves as a reference manual for the No-Code Platform. The documents below outline the features and functionality of all the pages within the no-code application. These documents are here for review to provide the user with an overview of each page or feature.

The folder structure below mirrors the homepage and navigational menu structure found on the platform. Each category folder contains the documents for the correlating pages

The homepage as seen on the No-Code Platform

Combined with our other two document collections, our documentation provides the user with a full understanding of the No-Code Platform:

  • Business Process User Guide is used to introduce the concepts and building blocks of the No-Code Platform
  • EASYProcess No-Code Training Guide offers the user step by step examples and demonstrations
  • This Reference Guide introduces specific pages and features as well as the use of them.

Revision History



Revised By

Revision Notes

9/18/2023 - 9/29/2023

198 - 230

Molly Dunn

  • Created the first draft of the reference manual with screenshots of all the current pages.
  • Updated documentation for MDM Process page to reflect - changes.

10/2/2023 - 1013/2023

231 - 243

Molly Dunn

  • Email Templates have been added to Processes with a new section in MDMProcessHome. They can be added, edited, and deleted from this page.
  • Documentation for MDMProcessHome and design data canvas has been updated

10/16/2023 - 10/20/2023

244 - 255

Molly Dunn

  • Implemented action area saving for form actions.
  • Using a Lookup property now filters the widgets shown in the dropdown to widgets. Using the textbox or textarea control type from non-static properties now filters the widgets shown in the dropdown to widgets.
  • Documentation was updated to show form action changes

10/23/2023 - 10/27/2023

256 - 269

Molly Dunn

  • Updated the menu descriptions to include proper spacing.
  • Documentation screenshots were updated to reflect menu descriptions and the change to entity and entity relations.

10/30/2023 - 11/3/2023

270 - 276

Molly Dunn

  • Added Audit feature and Audit search into documentation.

11/6/2023 - 11/10/2023

277 - 281

Molly Dunn

  • Renamed references from MDM to Business Process and BP internally and on the No Code IDE.
  • The form services will now show updated Outputs when new properties are added to the form.
  • The documentation was updated to reflect the change from MDM to Business processes.

11/13/2023 -


282 - 288

Molly Dunn

  • Added a widget on the form status to attach an email template to it.
  • Added a help icon in the No Code IDE to navigate users to the EPDocs and is based on what IDE page they are on.
  • Updated documentation to show the form status and help icon additions.
  • These additions were noted for the Documents page documentation.

11/20/2023 - 12/01/2023

289 - 294

Molly Dunn

  • Updated screenshots to reflect changes on the Process Canvas.

12/04/2023 - 12/15/2023

295 - 305

Molly Dunn

  • Updated images and descriptions to capture the logic canvas changes
  • Updated images to incorporate hand icons that have been added
  • Updated documentation to incorporate the “Validation” addition
  • Updated images to include new Workflow Status Connection Context Menu
  • Updated documentation to include Action Area
  • Updated to include Field Actions on the workflow canvas
  • Minor data designer changes
  • Updated all images to show the environment switcher icon that has been added

12/18/2023 - 12/22/2023

306 - 312

Molly Dunn

  • Updated to add a new widget that shows form selection, field selection, and event selection from the Field Action statuses.
  • Updated to include form subgroup changes.

12/25/2023 - 12/29/2023

313 - 316

Molly Dunn

  • Updated to include Business Process Logs page and all logs icon updates.
  • Orchestrations page

1/1/2024 - 1/5/2024

317 - 324

Molly Dun

  • Made a logic canvas update. The drop action now allows dropping on the connection point when there is already a connection attached to the point.
  • Resolved promotion and demotion bugs.
  • Entity editor/designer updates to display the property description and column name.
  • Renamed the terminate status to “Completed” for No Code workflows.
  • Resolved invalid path for EASYProcess Icon on the Workflow canvas.
  • Updated workflow canvas properties.
  • Updated the Entity Lookup to resolve a bug.
  • Updated the Edit Entity widget.

1/8/2024 - 1/19/2024

325 - 326

Molly Dunn

Version 325:

  • Reuploaded “Import” widget to fix a controller bug.

Version 326:

  • The @IsCollection property found in recommended output is now hidden in all cases.
  • No documentation changes were needed based on these updates.

1/15/2024 - 1/19/2024

327 - 329

Molly Dunn

Version 327:

  • Updated the Snowflake parameter.

Version 328:

  • Updates so saving a JDE entity will now set the system code and table code values to blank if the JDE entity is not UDC.

Version 329:

  • Setup server topology to allow system administrators to assign tenants to different app servers.
  • No documentation changes were needed based on these three version updates.

1/22/2024 - 1/26/2024

330 - 333

Molly Dunn

Version 330:

  • Adding a new action now defaults the "Show Completion" checkbox to marked and if there is no completion message it will default to the text "Request moved to status &Status

Version 331:

  • The business process workflow now has an escalation process and will show the Entity services.

Version 332:

  • Fixed the column lookup widget to return the table.

1/29/2024 - 2/2/2024

334 - 341

Molly Dunn

Version 334:

  • Implemented the ability to filter by special handling codes.

Version 335:

  • Added ‘Hide’, ‘Disabled’  flags at the field level  for a status, along with the required visibility in the UI editor. Fixed issues with the action level required flag not appearing for a subgroup inside a subgroup.

Version 336:

  • Updated to allow users to refresh all UDC values manually using a BatchJob. Text has also been added to the top of the page indicating if the UDC's are being cached and if the BatchJob is on a schedule. The BatchJob is found in the connector app and has been updated for new tenants.

Version 337:

  • Finished up the Audit search page including a new download option to download all records and paging for the list of audit records has been set up.

Version 338:

  • Set up the visibility variable for the DRSPHD field when setting up the select controls on a form.

Version 339:

  • Form textbox fields now have a character counter.

Version 340:

  • Added the ability to sorted UDC's by either their Value or Description.

Version 341:

  • Added a switch to turn on character counting.

2/5/2024 - 2/9/2024


Molly Dunn

Version 342:

  • Subgroups now support changing the container type to Collection or Widget.

Version 343:

  • The columns in the downloaded csv file now correctly match the columns in the table.

2/12/2024 - 2/16/2024

344 -380

Molly Dunn

Version 344:

  • Update so the controller for running orchestrations no longer resets the selected orchestration.

Version 345:

  • Forms now allow for multiple navigation paths in relation to entities.

Version 346:

  • Added a new no code service to run orchestrations. This shows all available parameters and allows users to expose or hardcode the parameters

Version 347:

  • MVC widgets can now be selected in place of forms in the Create Request and Form statuses.

Version 348:

  • Added an info page for widgets to display extra information.

Version 349:

  • The “System Functions" section has been renamed to “System Methods” and “Application Functions” has been renamed to “Application Methods” and all methods can be found below as one searchable list with access to the new method info pages.

Version 350:

  • Updated the default value of the number of columns for new groups and subgroups to 2, in forms.

Version 351:

  • Adjusted so the checkboxes now have appropriate spacing between each other.

Version 352:

  • Modified the download icon to the normal excel icon, added a tooltip saying "Download to CSV", and fixed a few column names in the download CSV.

Version 353:

  • The services input window text in the left panel is now right aligned.

Version 354:

  • Opening the business process logs from the “Business Process Home” page now opens the logs in a new tab.

Version 355:

  • The form designer now allows assigning the field event status.

Version 356:

  • Fixed saving values bug on the “Visibility and Validation” widget.

Version 357:

  • Fixed a query that loads the forms on the process canvas.

Version 358:

  • Implemented a new page in the IDE called Library where users can look at a database of objects saved under the company or public libraries.

Version 359:

  • The “Library” page has been added to the “Help” menu section.

Version 360:

  • Removed the index and modified how the array name shows.

Version 361:

  • On the logic canvas the "Functions" tab has been renamed to "Tools & Methods", the "Tools" category has been renamed to "Canvas Tools”, and the “Info icon” for methods.has been changed.

Version 362:

  • Updated logic to resolve a bug where deleting an input from the service inputs is duplicating the other inputs.

Version 363:

  • Added the logic to copy from the Public Library to company/app libraries.

Version 364:

  • Reworked the code to generate and set the service output path for the value.

Version 365:

  • “Public” Library now has a “Method Info” widget and an “Add to Canvas” button.

Version 366:

  • Resolved an issue with the new copy from library feature.

Version 367:

  • On the “Visibility and Validation” widget, the MVC widget dropdown has been modified to only show widgets with the “FormNC” property = “True”, parameter and event selections on the page are required, and the "Property" section has been renamed to "Form Fields".

Version 368:

  • Date fields downloaded from JDE now default to a length of 50.

Version 369:

  • The “Business Process Usage” widget is now loading properly.

Version 370:

  • The orchestration services are now in a list instead of a grid and have the description on each service.

Version 371:

  • Added the following features to the “Library” page:
  • Switching libraries changes the background color.
  • The type list now has a webpage filter.
  • “Home Library” has changed to “Object Library”

Version 372:

  • The title of connections now updates when the input is renamed.

Version 373:

  • Added bolded text on the “Group/Subgroup Creation” widget.

Version 374:

  • Added a Low-Code IDE link in the System section on the No Code IDE.

Version 375:

  • Modified the library page tab title.

Version 376:

  • Renamed “Functions” to “Methods” and cleaned up the UI.

Version 377:

  • Revised the javascript to resolve an issue where the JDE Column Lookup widget is not properly returning the columns to add to the entity.

Version 378:

  • Updated the table column's length and redid the UI and code for service output names to resolve an issue where service output names are failing to save and long enough ones distort the UI.

Version 379:

  • Added info icons to the email template body, business process request description, and the action completion messages to explain how to use values of entity properties in their text.

Version 380:

  • The library copying functionality now copies to all environments.

2/19/2024 - 2/23/2024

381 -385

Molly Dunn

Version 381:

  • Implemented a new service called Run Orchestrator Lite.

Version 382:

  • A service’s inputs and outputs are now displayed on one popup window with tabs at the top to switch between the two. Services can also be renamed at the top. This window can be opened by double clicking on the service.

Version 383:

  • Changed the old flags to the following new flags in the form designer: HelperNC, LookupNC, and GroupNC.

Version 384:

  • Implemented a new service called AppendListRows. This takes in a list id and appends new rows to existing lists.

Version 385:

  • The ReadRequest and UpdateRequest services have now been mapped to every entity when showing up in the services list in the No-Code IDE.

2/26/2024 - 3/1/2024

386 - 395

Molly Dunn

Version 386:

  • Implemented the disabled and hidden properties to allow dynamic values using entity input and output. Fixed issue with form data sending navigation properties and preselect values on dropdowns.

Version 387:

  • Updated the Library's next numbers and implemented a better error message when the copy runs into an issue.

Version 388:

  • The input and output icons on the service have been moved inside the service itself.

Version 389:

  • Implemented a new object called Interfaces with pages to manage them on the No-Code IDE.

Version 390:

  • Logic changes to correct a bug that occurs when switching methods in the implementation widget.

Version 391:

  • Updated links and URLs for the Advanced Logs and Business Process Logs links in the header and main page.

Version 392:

  • Updated logic to fix a bug where the "read more"/"read less" feature is removing the HTML from the Usage text.

Version 393:

  • Added the name, description, and input/output trees to the “Orchestration Info” widget.

Version 394:

  • Implemented two new statuses called CreateBPRequest and Batch. The CreateBPRequest status can be dropped anywhere which allows logic to run before it runs and the batch status is a logic status that is ran by the system.

Version 395:

  • Updated the XSLT paths for forms properties with multi level navigation.

3/4/2024 - 3/8/2024

396 - 399

Molly Dunn

Version 396:

  • Added in a preselect value for the category field in the “Edit Business Process” widget.

Version 397:

  • Updated the test logic to prevent incorrect entity ids being set.

Version 398:

  • User Group Addition fix so that the list refreshes once a new user group is added.

Version 399:

  • Updated view parameters to allow for multi-level parameters and setting parameters to arrays. A view event output now allows event array parameters to be tied to collection fields on the forms.

3/11/2024 - 3/15/2024

400 - 404

Molly Dunn

Version 400:

  • Entity properties can now only be deleted when they aren't in use and will warn the user of where it's in use.
  • A new widget has been added to allow for adding multiple properties at once.

Version 401:

  • The entity property widget has been updated to use the same method used in the form designer for populating control types and data rule value.

Version 402:

  • Added in a space to the title of the usage editor.

Version 403:

  • The validation status can now connect to form statuses.

Version 404:

  • Implemented the project management system from Low-Code in No-Code.

3/18/2024 - 3/22/2024

404 - 417

Molly Dunn

Version 405:

  • Created a chrome browser extension that integrates with EASYProcess to manage all of a user's EASYProcess IDE tabs.

Version 406:

  • Implemented form property styling via a new control property with a right icon to open up the style editor. This allows users to set the CSS for individual fields on a form.

Version 407:

  • JDE fields can now be added via the column multi add for entity properties.

Version 408:

  • Implemented a new service named CallInterface that allows will call the selected Interface. In the Logic Canvas there is a new section in the left-hand menu that list all interfaces in the application that can be utilized.

Version 409:

  • Added a red warning text to alert the user that whitespaces aren't allowed and preventing saving if there is a whitespace.

Version 410:

  • The "Save" and "Close" buttons on the Add/Edit Business Process widget have been swapped and the email field now defaults to "Default".

Version 411:

  • Implemented the ability to add Business Processes to the header menu and the ability to search and sort on the BPWorkbench page.

Version 412:

  • Switched the SetTerminateActions service to reload the parent webpage to load the updated list.

Version 413:

  • Reworked the output tab's css and forced the canvas to just throw an exception.

Version 414:

  • Cleaned up the promotion/entity structure of entity and entity relation objects in the No-Code IDE.

Version 415:

  • Implemented the company library info widget on the Object Library page along with showing a comma separated list of the objects type and fixed the copy icon tooltip.

Version 416:

  • Adding a single entity properly now prevents duplicate column names.

Version 417:

  • Cleaned up several aspects of the project management feature.

3/25/2024 - 3/29/2024

418 - 434

Molly Dunn

Version 418:

  • Fixed the saving logic to grab the correct multi task to save the email template to.

Version 419:

  • Implemented a system only log parser for server side logs.

Version 420:

  • The column name field when adding a new property is now required.

Version 421:

  • Subworkflow statuses now support using the Entity Read/Update services in the Logic Canvas.

Version 422:

  • Updated the text to say "Business Process Input".

Version 423:

  • Updated the Workflow Canvas's page title to show the Business Process name instead of id.

Version 424:

  • The connections now get removed visually on deletion.

Version 425:

  • Project objects will no longer be allowed to use the following options when projects are not in DV: "Change Project", "Change User", and "Undo Checkout".

Version 426:

  • The "Users" link under the "Security" menu section has been removed.

Version 427:

  • Added two new columns to the attachments table: CreatedBy and Status.

Version 428:

  • The info icon for IDE No-Code widgets has been moved to the header next to the close button.

Version 429:

  • Removed extra whitespace that was added to project objects in an earlier revision.

Version 430:

  • Removed the visibility icon tooltip on the status once the widget has been opened.

Version 431:

  • Added additional logic for filtering and auto search and added a new widget.

Version 432:

  • Fixed the logic to address the bug that occurs when changing an object's user the dropdown is not pre-selecting the user.

Version 433:

  • Added a call to update the list of objects on the project when a new entity is added.

Version 434:

  • Added logic to always update the connection visually.

4/1/2024 - 4/5/2024

435 - 440

Molly Dunn

Version 435:

  • Updated the code to keep a list of all the properties for each entity.

Version 436:

  • Adding or editing an entity now no longer shows the JDE/RDS option select and it instead defaults to RDS in the database.

Version 437:

  • No-Code form rendering has been completely reworked to give faster load times and improved usability,

Version 438:

  • No-Code form rendering has been completely reworked to give faster load times and improved usability,

Version 439:

  • Change the generation code to update the Property Value Type field.

Version 440:

  • Updated the model data to properly grab the name and display it.

Version 441:

  • Implemented form selection, actors, and emails to the no-code workflow complete status.

4/8/2024 - 4/13/2024

442 - 449

Molly Dunn

Version 442:

  • Added the ability to move the services in the output up and down in the list.

Version 443:

  • Added the Business Process name to the page title.

Version 444:

  • Added a checkbox for 'Simulation Mode'. Existing simulation now shows up as XML. New implementation requires IO definition to match. Matched icon to Methods icons.

Version 445:

  • Separated the field properties into two tabs which generate their data from the database and show commonly used properties and advanced properties.

Version 446:

  • Updated the Visibility and Validation widget render to load this edge case.

Version 447:

  • Updated the icon used for widget groups on the form designer and added tooltips to icons in the form designer.

Version 448:

  • Adding new entity properties can now be done in a bulk format using CSV format and opening this window starts the user will some examples of how it should be set up.

Version 449:

  • Replaced the (+) button with an 'Add Property' to match the ReadEntity service.
  • Added a 'Delete' button in the ReadyEntity service.